Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Moment...

A moment of tranquility. Standing on the soft sands of the shore, looking out to sea. The breeze dancing around me. The rhythmic roar of a wave, as it rushes toward me. The wave is as mighty as it is gentle. One moment it leaps into the air, falling over itself in it's eagerness to reach the shore; the next, it gently caresses my feet as if holding them in its tender embrace.

I am one with the Universe. In that fleeting moment, somewhere deep within, a memory stirs. As old as time itself, perhaps. It reminds me of me.

A moment of revelation. I am the soft sand. I am the dancing breeze. I am the roaring wave. I am the beauty of all three, and more. I am movement, I am touch, I am sound. I am thought. I am feeling. I am spirit. I am the confluence of the Universe's best. I am... life itself.

 © Sai Ganesh Nagpal

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