Sunday, November 30, 2008

O Mother!

Why is there so much hatred against you,
When you are the symbol of love?

Why is there bloodshed on your sacred land,
When your land has always nourished
the soul of the world?

You have brave sons and daughters,
Who died that night so I could sleep in peace...
I salute them today, O Mother...
I salute them...a thousand times!

My tears that fall incessantly,
Are for your plight, as I watch those who have betrayed you.
O Mother, today, the custodians of your well being,
The rulers who rule in your name,
Have forsaken their pledge
To serve you and only you.

Today I watch the saffron, white, and green
The blue wheel of time,
as it flutters above the carnage
Crying for help...

Waiting for your sons and daughters
To fight for truth and your name!

Maa Tujhe Salaam...Vande Mataram...!

 © Sai Ganesh Nagpal

1 comment:

Bhawna said...

Beautiful poem....feeelings so very well put into words...