Thursday, February 19, 2009


Moments of happiness. Unadulterated happiness. Not the kind of happiness that has some rider attached to it. Real happiness - like when there's this surge of positive energy from my soul - it's like a wave that emanates from deep within. Not for any particular reason, just "because."

Like this morning. Our neighbors have a dog named Kishmish. She's a furry little thing with the most adorable, soulful eyes through which she gazes into people's eyes as if it's love at first sight for her! But the eyes are where the love ends. She won't let anyone touch her. She just won't. And I have no idea why.

This morning, she was locked out of her house because she had sneaked out and gone for a nice jaunt in the park by herself. Now she wanted to get back in the house. I happened to come home right then, and our eyes met. As always. Only this time, she wagged her tail. She actually wagged her tail! A tentative, stop-start kind of wag. But it was a wag nonetheless. She came bounding up to me. I knelt down to pet her, she immediately scampered back a step. When I retreated, she bounded back to me again, tail wagging. I knelt down, she scampered back. Tentative tail wags indicating she was enjoying this little game. This went on for a few minutes, until her family opened the door, and she bounded back in her house.

But that's all it took. For me to be happy again.

In those few minutes, through this little game of "catch," she lifted my spirits and I was laughing. I felt a surge of positive energy from my soul. I felt connected to life. I felt alive again.

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