Monday, April 6, 2009


Far away, in the distance,
a light shines.
It beckons to me.
It calls my name.
I must go.
Towards the light. I must.

How should I get there?
And when I do, how shall I know
that I have found the same light that shone
and guided my rocky path?

Can I ever say
that my search has ended?
Or shall it be that the end of one search
will begin a search anew?

And if that should happen,
what would it be?
But that I would go from one light towards another.

Consider the changeless horizon upon which
a sunset is painted each evening.

For who could tell that in truth,
it is the Sun who is changeless. Unwavering.
And the horizon ever-changing?

Shrouded in the mist of my doubt
I cannot fathom the distance
to the light.
I know not the means that I must choose
to get there.
All I know is that I must go.

Towards the light. I must.

 © Sai Ganesh Nagpal

1 comment:

xx said...

Hi. Awesome poem! Whr do u get the inspiration to write so deeply. Lovd the part abt the horizon.

~ Zeenat