Friday, May 8, 2009

Between the Extremes

Rain. On a hot summer day in Delhi. After two weeks of relentless heat, soaring temperatures, and many an anguished lament that went something like this... "Oh it's so hot!!!," the skies finally relented. And what a downpour it was. Not just rain, but hailstones too. Icy rocks dropping down from the heavens in May. The weather man called it a "Western Disturbance." I called it a miracle.

You could almost see the trees smile, as the dust washed off their leaves. Every few seconds, a bird broke out into song. And then it was silent as it gazed towards the skies, its parched beak wide open, raindrops trickling in.

Instantly, the temperature dropped. Like a raging fever... broken. Finally. Much to everyone's relief. Just when we thought we couldnt bear the heat anymore.

Life thrives in between the extremes, at the point where "balance" is achieved. It's almost like there's this awesome equalizer at work, in nature, and within us too, that's constantly trying to set the balance right. When it's too hot, we crave for rain. But not too much of it . Just the right amount. When it's too rainy, we crave for sunshine. But only until it gets too hot. Then we start praying for rain once again.

It's not just the weather. Take chocolate, for instance. When I eat too many pieces at once, nature does the great "equalizing act" and makes me sick, so that next time, I would know better. It's another matter that, more often than not, I choose not to know any better the next time too.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, the life force within us... nature... the Universe, call it what you may, is constantly pulling us back to center. When we're out of tune with nature, we wander off into the extremes, where life does not thrive. And then she reminds us to "return to base."

Like with hailstones in the month of May.