Wednesday, June 10, 2009

From the Devotee's Heart

Why hast thou forsaken me?
O Lord! At this time, when I need thee

Thy name is on my lips, thy feet I worship
In the temple of my heart

But yet, when I hold out my hands in prayer
When I call thy name
With the pain that emergeth from my soul
Why then, dost thou not cometh?

Do I prayeth not enough?
Or can it be that my tears that falleth to the ground
art not worthy of washing thy divine feet?

Have I strayed so far away from thee
That I cannot behold thy brilliant form
And look into thine eyes
That blesseth me with the love
of a thousand mothers?

I wanteth not more than to feel
Thy presence
I needeth not more than to know
That thou art with me

O Lord! They sayeth that a blade of grass
Doth not moveth without thy will
Today my soul moveth in love for thee
How can it be that thou knowest not?

And if thou should hearest my prayer
And knoweth my pain
Then surely thou standeth beside me
Holding my hand
Willing me to love thee
And it is I, who seeth not.

 © Sai Ganesh Nagpal