Saturday, January 23, 2010

To a dear child... with love

Today I saw a little girl begging at the traffic light. Just as the light turned green, she came to the window of my car and looked at me with pleading eyes. As I reached towards the car's gear to change from neutral to first, she beamed expectantly. She thought I was reaching for the dashboard to pick up the two rupee coin that lay there carelessly. Petty change for me, a treasure for her. This is a letter to that little girl, and to all little children like her.

Dearest Child,

Today I saw you standing on the road, in the freezing cold. You weren't wearing anything warm, yet you managed a smile. An angelic smile. Weren't you cold, little one?

I want to tell you how strong I think you are. I don't know where you sleep at night. I don't know where you go when you're not at the traffic light. But I know that you have what it takes to go through each day with a smile. And that makes you a hero in my eyes. Many of us who drive away in big cars can go through an entire day without smiling even once.

Our world is very strange, little one. There's so much beauty in it. And yet there's plenty of sadness too. The other day, I saw you sitting by the road. There were tears flowing down your cheeks. Did someone hurt you, dearest, or were those just tears of despair? I wanted to stop my car and get out. I wanted to hold your hand and tell you that everything is going to be okay. I wanted to tell you that it's okay to cry. But I also wanted you to know that you must never give up hope.

And then there was this other day when you were playing in the sand by the road. With your friends. When you all laughed together, it made me smile. Were they your buddies? Someday perhaps, you'll tell me their names.

I'm sure you've met all kinds of people in your life. Some may be nice to you, but then others may be very mean. If there's something I want for you, dear one, it is to believe that no one is justified in being mean to you. You will need to be strong and ask for your rights, sometimes fight to get them too. But only fight when you believe it is for a just cause. Don't ever use your power to manipulate those who are weaker than you.

There are lots of kind people in this world, my dear. I've met some and I hope you meet some too. Perhaps you already have. You must know that for every mean person, there's a kind one too. Always believe in this.

Even though I drive away from you every morning, I think about you during the day and many days after that too. That's how special you are. I want you to know, little one, that I love you very much. God bless you, always.


McDonnell-Reyes family said...

My Dearest Sai Genesh,
As I read this post, tears of compassion, love and hurt rang through my soul. You said it well when you said how very special this little girl is, in the eyes of God. We are All His children and unless we see this, not only with our physical eyes but our hearts too, then we are lost spirits just wandering around in maya.
I love your writing and please keep it up as you are very talented and God has blessed you with "wisdom" to be the true lighthouse for those of us lost on the sea of delusion.

Swapna Maini said...

Reading your letter brought tears to my eyes.. every bit of it is filled with so much compassion and love! So many many times I have seen little girls like this one who press their nose against the cold glass of my car and look at me with those soulful eyes and an absolutely angelic smile! It always makes me wonder how a child living in those conditions can ever manage to smile but then I remember that it is a child... hapiness is the most natural emotion for a child! We all were children once, yet we have forgetten what it is like to be child-like... to experience joy in the smallest of things and laugh with abandon...
My heart goes out to this little girl and all those other little girls and boys who are spending their childhood on the streets of India!

Priyankari said...

Loved it!