Monday, February 15, 2010


Look at the dewdrop
that rests upon
a leaf,
adorning it with a sparkle
on a cold winter's morning.

As the leaf sways
in the light breeze,
the dewdrop dances
and twirls
its way down
to the leaf below.

Breaking into ten dewdrops,
now a chain of pearls
on the leaf below.

A gust of wind blows
and the pearls
are tossed away
to a budding leaf that emerges
from a strong stem
as it grows.
Hopes. Believes,
in a day of sunshine.

Now greeted with a necklace
of pearls,
a glorious welcome
into this world.

No leaf is too small,
none too weak
nor a tad too yellow
to be the bearer of nature's jewels.
Each one precious enough
to be adorned
by a sparkling dewdrop,
on a cold winter's morning.

© Sai Ganesh Nagpal


Saraswati said...

Love it ! Love it! What a pretty poem! :)

marcime said...

so beautiful Sai -

I have left something for you on my blog - an acknowledgement of your writing - enjoy!

JACQUI said...

OMG that's so beautiful Sai. You are rapidly becoming one of my favourite bloggers.

I love that all leaves are deserving of nature's jewels - that really touched my heart.

Sai said...

Thank you Saraswati, Marcella, and Jacqui. :-)

Swapna Maini said...

Wow!!! Soooo beautiful!! I simply love the fact that you can write such breath taking poetry sitting in office!!!

Sai said...

Thank you, Swapna! I wonder about that too; funny how inspiration can come in the most unlikely places. :-)