Monday, February 1, 2010

An Award for Joy

Dear Readers,

Tony Anders, an inspirational writer, has honored Waves Upon the Shore with the Best Blog Award. I’d like to thank Tony for his gracious gesture, and I’d also like to thank all of you for your love and support; for your constant encouragement that means so much to me; and for enriching this space with your comments and presence.

Like I mentioned in my introductory post on Writers Rising, I created this blog as a space where I could write just the way I felt, without the fear associated with writing for a topic that will be graded by an ‘expert’. I initially didn’t think I would share the blog with anyone, thought of it more like my own little space. But then, as I began to feel the joy that came from expressing my deepest truths just the way I felt them, I couldn’t help but begin to share. After all, love is expansive… it cannot be restricted even if one tries!

There’s so much light just waiting to shine on our lives, and writing is a powerful medium to bring forth this light. I encourage all of you to visit Tony’s blog at Artisan of the Human Spirit, and experience the light that he shares through his simple yet profound messages. He calls it “dropping the spiritual pebble in the pond,” which is a very apt way to describe what we’re all trying to do on our spiritual journeys.

Thank you once again.

Love, Light, and Peace,


Katherine Jenkins said...

Beautiful Sai! You absolutely deserve this award and I'm so glad I found you and you have expanded yourself by joining other like-minded writers. Peace to you, I look forward to your posts!

SARAN said...

Congratulations Sai,
I enjoy reading your blogs and agree with Katherine that you absolutely deserved it.

JACQUI said...

Hey! I've just given your blog a 'thumbs up' award. Keep doing what you're doing - I think your blog is great. To find out more visit: