Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Joy!

Today it's my turn to say "it never rains it pours." I happily accept Jacqui's "Thumbs Up" award for my blog. I'm truly touched by the outpouring of goodwill and appreciation that I've been receiving. Thank you Jacqui; the waves rushing upon the shore just got happier!

Jacqui has a blog called Uplift Antidote. I find her articles refreshing, and very thought provoking! There's always something in them that you and I can relate to. Each of her pieces is very... clear - yes, that's the word I was looking for. Clear, like crystal. Clear, also, like the pristine water in a stream that gushes down the mountain side. So pure. So honest. 

To be clear, is to be empowered. Have you ever experienced that rush of clarity, when you just know inside what the answer is; when you know what you should do next? It's like muddy water going through a filter. The doubts get left behind, clarity is carried forward. I feel most empowered during such 'clarity' moments. The trouble is that they don't always last, and often give way to confusion again, this time about something else. But while they're there, I feel like nothing, no force on earth, can stop me from doing what I need to do. I wonder what it would be like to live those clarity moments ALL the time. And then I wonder if the mud is, perhaps, necessary because the process of filtering the mud out is empowering in itself. Exhausting, at times, but empowering nonetheless.

I applaud every writer, every artist, every person who, even in the smallest of ways, helps someone, somewhere feel empowered; allows someone, somewhere to live a clarity moment.

Thank you once again, Jacqui! Thank you all.


JACQUI said...

Oh Sai, thank you so much. I do find that writing really helps me to clarify my thoughts and tidy up muddles in my head.

I always think you have to know where you are steering the boat to, in life, as it's a big ocean out there with all sorts of waves and distractions. :)

marcime said...

congrats Sai ! I hope this encouragement allows you to follow your purpose for this blog - to write freely from the heart and mind instead of the editor...:)