Saturday, February 20, 2010

Passing on the Joy!

It’s award time again, and… borrowing McDonalds' line for a second here… I’m loving it :-)! Marcella presented Waves Upon the Shore with the “Hanging out the Wash” award. She honors the spirit of writers who put their deepest thoughts out there for all the world to see, even though it makes them vulnerable. Thank you, Marcella, for this honor, and thank you for sharing your insightful stories at Belly Up to This Moment – they’re so honest and real, and often refreshingly hilarious!

Today, I will pass on the joy.

But first - take a few moments to observe the flame of a burning candle, or the flame of a diya (traditional lamp shown in the picture below). There’s a quality of stillness about the flame that calms you down instantly. It’s no wonder that observing the flame of a diya is how some meditation techniques start out. The glow of the flame is gentle, compassionate. Nothing about the flame is harsh, loud, or ruthless, even though the fire in the flame has the potential to rage and destroy. It chooses, however, to glow instead. Creates an “ambience” that allows us to connect with our finer emotions, be they spiritual or romantic! After all, a candle light dinner wouldn’t be what it is without a steady flame to lend its glow!

I liken this quality of the flame to the quality that many writers inspire with their writing. There are so many amazing writers, artists, and musicians out there – all of them lighting diyas with their stories, songs, and artwork. I’ve been blessed to be associated with many such individuals, a number of them very recently in the blogosphere.

So today I’d like to present the “Writer of Light” award to the following blogs. These blogs are ones that I frequent, and to me, each one of them, in its own unique way, is like a glowing diya

Saraswati’s By the Waterfall – true to its name, here’s a place to refresh and recharge. Her writings are delightful, powerful, and heartfelt. [Plus she’s my sister, and in my humble opinion, the bestest sister in the whole world ;-)]

Neha’s Tea Leaves ‘n’ Honey – Health food for the soul! Help yourself to some soul stirring concoctions, aesthetically served! :-) Beautiful pieces, simple yet so profound.

Katherine’s Lessons from the Monk I Married – Inspirational, insightful, and admirable! As if the fact that she writes a blog each day wasn’t awesome enough, it’s what she writes and how she writes it that makes it even more special! Her lessons are universally relevant. Like the steady flame, forever burning.

Marcella’s Belly Up to This Moment – Shows you how this moment, right now, is where the lessons are at. So relish the moment, live it to the fullest, and as she says, Belly Up to it :-).

Jacqui’s Uplift Antidote – If upliftment from the everyday din is what you seek, here is your solace. When you start reading what she has to say, it’s impossible to stop! Delightful.

Tony Anders’ Artisan of the Human Spirit – Tony's writings are inspiring, thought-provoking, and heartfelt. He shares profound messages through everyday experiences. There's something here for everyone!

AngelGuided Mentoring by Angel Guided – words of wisdom and light, her messages are truly empowering.

The writers at Writers Rising – If only “light” levels could be measured, this community of spirited and talented writers would top the charts. Before you venture in, keep your sunglasses handy. :-) Not just one, but many diya flames in there.

Marty's Coffee with Marty – Simple, honest, and heartfelt experiences – so refreshing! The perfect read with your cup of coffee.

Beth Chapman’s Hope’s Breath – Here is your ray of hope when you’re feeling low! Beth offers a beautiful perspective on life, with a generous helping of wisdom.

To each of you, thank you for lighting the path with your diyas. Keep following your bliss!


Coffee With Marty said...

Thank you for the award! Although I do not put awards on my page, I will put this post on my Twitter and FB. I really appreciate the recognition.


marcime said...

Sai - how lovely to recieve such a creative award - I will keep my Diya burning and think of you
- deep peace to you Sai

Tony Anders said...

Thank you! I am humbled and honored. I also appreciate your kind words about me and my blog. Thanks also for bringing your light to illuminate the path as well!

Beth Chapman said...

Sai - I bow to you from the waist and bend my neck. Thank you - check my blog, we are on the same wave upon the shore --- your award humbly awaits you. Thank you Sai.

Saraswati said...

Thanks bro, for the bright award and constant encouragement. :) Love your work!
~ Saraswati

angelguided said...

Thank you Sai, such synchronicity is happening to me lately, I randomly found myself on your blog and as I was reading your post I found you left me an award. I am so honoured and humbled. You are truely a shining light bringing souls together :)

Katherine Jenkins said...

Sai-Thank you so much for awarding Writers Rising and Lessons from the Monk I Married with the Writer of Light award. I will also keep my diya fire burning!