Tuesday, March 2, 2010


A voice echoed
across the valley of silence.
over the lush green trees.

the steep mountain slopes
along with the delicate beams
of the rising sun
that began their ascent
at the start of a new day.

For him.

Her voice echoed
across the valley of silence.
Melodious. Like the sounds
of the gushing stream that
she splashed across.
Weary. Tired.
From the journey she began
so long ago.

Yet her eyes gleamed
with the brilliance
of a hope
that only a lover would know of.

She knew he had walked among
these trees.
Knelt down and drunk
from the waters that now
bathed her feet.
He had quenched his thirst
yet his heart

For her.

He had looked across the lake
at the tresses of the willow tree.
Like her hair
that cascaded down her shoulders.
Intoxicated with the memory of her fragrance
as she surrounded herself
by his embrace,
his heart had skipped a beat
and filled a moment
with silence.

That could only be broken
by the sound of
her voice.

 © Sai Ganesh Nagpal


Katherine Jenkins said...

Beautiful Sai! Maybe a nice one for Writers Rising?!

Sai said...

Thanks Katherine! :-) Sure, I'll put it there too.

Shelly Jain said...

What a lovely play of words, sai:-)
Like a beautiful stream flowing through a distant valley.

Swapna Maini said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! You really do know how to make people fall in love with you through your writings... :)

Aayushi Mehta said...

What a beautiful story!!! so well written..

JACQUI said...

Sai! So beautiful!

Your posts are always so beautiful!

You must have a beautiful heart - the heart of a poet, a sensitive soul.

I love love love reading your words.

May you never be silent again.


Saraswati said...

Whoa! Amazing. I don't want to hear anymore crap about fiction not being your genre. This is sooooo beautiful. The best stories are made of this stuff. Keep going!
Lots of love xoxo

Sai said...

Shelly - thank you, I'm glad you liked this. It's funny you mention "play of words." Often, the words really do tend to play with each other and come out a certain way. I never plan it that way. Thanks for the comment.

Swapna - thanks so much. You know who inspired this piece. :-)

Aayushi - thank you for stopping by, and for your comment. Your poems are amazing too!

Jacqui - thank you for your kind words, and the encouragement. Really appreciate it. :)

Saraswati - you have my word! No more cribbing about this. Thanks for the nudge forward . :-)

Shelly Jain said...

Sai, I know your words flow from the heart. That being the reason why I find your writing so endearing and pure.