Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I looked up at the clear blue sky,
watched a bird spread her wings
and begin to fly.
Upwards and onwards
floating ever so gently,
upon the morning breeze.

I felt the wind
carress my face,
whispering secrets of another world
into my ears
as it glided by.

I heard the gurgling laughter
of a stream
that danced its way down
the rocks
eager to touch
the river.

I closed my eyes
and felt my heart beat
to nature's rhythm.
I smiled.
And laughed.
I danced.
And cried.

At last
I was here,
and I knew
this was home.

 © Sai Ganesh Nagpal


marci-me said...

Sai, you are such a gentle soul

To feel at home in nature means your soul is certainly of another world my friend.

stay in tune. it will bode you well.


Aine Butler-Smith said...

Beautiful and soothing, thank you for sharing this.

Sai said...

Marcella - thank you for your kind comment! Like you said, the key is to stay in tune - to the "happiness" frequency. Thanks again. :-)

Aine - thank you - I'm happy you liked it. :-)

Cia said...

This is lovely, Sai. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm happy to follow yours. :)


Swapna Maini said...

Absolutely love it!! I love it that you have such a beautiful connection with nature!

Swedish Yogagirl said...

Hello Sai,
I found you through Katherine Jenkins blog. Just beautiful writing. I have had just the same experience with my mother as you described. Passing away whilst holding her hand.. Thank you for sharing.

sanjeet said...

you are such a gentle soul
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