Saturday, October 2, 2010


I went in search
of you,
traversed barren lands
and dense forests.
Not sure where my journey
would take me,
all I wanted
was to find you.
Weary from travel,
I stopped to ask some people
where you lived.

They told me to walk north
then climb a hill.
Your house is atop the hill,
they said.
They were so sure.

Some said you live on the other side
of the river.
Others talked of sailing across the ocean
to another land.
Far away. From here.

I sat down
on the dusty pavement
Confused. Unsure.
I was tired and hungry
so I reached for my bag
and took out my last piece of bread.

Just then a dog came running
towards me.
She wailed in pain,
her eyes pleaded
with me
for a morsel of food.

As I watched her eat
that last piece of bread,
I said a prayer for her
in your name.

I felt a surge of love.
Your love
for her.
As waves of compassion streamed
forth from my heart,
my eyes welled up with tears.

Such a love
could possibly come only
from you.
Such waves of compassion could rise
only from an ocean as large
as you.

Imagine my joy
when I realised that the ocean
is within me.
That you
are within me.

 © Sai Ganesh Nagpal