Wednesday, June 29, 2011


When the tumultuous
storms of indecision ravage
my peace...

When the shrill drones
of envious minds
rattle my confidence,
and the vultures of deceit
threaten to tear apart
the sanctuary of
calm within...

When my cries of despair
are so loud
that I am deafened
by their intensity...

When nothing of this world
seems worth holding on to
except the memory
of communion
with you...

I close my eyes
and every pore of my being
to be with you
in a place
where compassion is not alien,
and kindness
not an aberration.
I call your name
Oh Lord of Puttaparthi!
I cry out loud...
for you.

And then, when the fragrance
of Vibhuti wafts across the room,
when the memory of your smile
flashes before my eyes,
and the comfort of your words
rushes in to soothe my heart,
I know
that you're there,
whispering the sounds of eternity
to my thirsting soul.
I know
that you're there.

© Sai Ganesh Nagpal