Monday, August 29, 2011

Soul Free
No more can she placate
her yearning to be free.
She breaks her shackles,
casts away the heavy shroud.
In the brightness of her dazzling light
now revealed,
she sings her song,
her very own story.
The wafting notes of her melody
reach out to them
and many more
are set free.

 © Sai Ganesh Nagpal


Swapna Maini said...

No further does she search for words… no further need she look for soulful melodies… for life has been kind and given her a temple of love where she lives her song and is grateful to share it with the one who is music himself! ♥

sulobadri said...

Wah! kya baat hai... loved the post bro...

comin here after a long time, and am refreshed just the same :)