Wednesday, April 2, 2014

O Beautiful Child

I see
sparkles of joy
and many hues of happiness
that light up your eyes each time
I look into them.

your gurgling laughter
gives way to a roaring silence
made loud by thoughts
from a mind such as yours,
so young it would seem,
yet dazzled
by the light of your soul
that is from a long time ago.

As you gaze at your world,
trying ever so hard
to make sense of it all,
your smile never fades.
Perhaps in communion
with yourself
do you find the answers
you longingly seek.

I am struck by the brilliance
that shines in those eyes
for in them I see
a knowing so resolute
of what you have come here
to be.

In your eyes, sweet child
a whole new world
It waits, patiently
for its time.

 © ~ Sai Ganesh Nagpal


sb said...

They do have such spiritual treasures within them, don't they :)

Sai Ganesh Nagpal said...

Absolutely! :)