Sunday, June 22, 2014

I Am Here

I am the wave that reaches
for the sky.
I yearn to be free
the rocks. They beckon to me,
day and night.

I am the ocean, vast and powerful.
I greet
the mighty rivers,
and we celebrate
and mourn
the end of their wondrous journeys.
We roar
with laughter
and I dissolve their tears.

I am the wind that never rests.
I hold the waves
in my embrace
and we love one another,
and dance together,
into the moonless night.

I am yearning. I am freedom.
I am bondage and I am joy. I merge and I separate. I change every day
and yet
I never do.

Come sit by me and watch. Drop the veil and listen.
Like no one's there.
You can tell me your story and I
will tell you mine.

© ~ Sai Ganesh Nagpal


Alanna Prather said...

Such a lovely, experiential and passionate piece of poetry that had me moving with the waves emotionally, feeling their call and their embrace; identifying very much with the yearning. This is beautiful, deep expression and very well-crafted wording. I love that you are writing about what represents the Divine Mother at this remarkable time.

Sai Ganesh Nagpal said...

Your comment is so beautifully expressed, Alanna! Thank you, I'm so happy that you resonated with this piece in such a profound way. Much love!

Anonymous said...

Visiting you after years! And a beautiful poem welcomes me in. Well written Brother Ganesh! Am off to read more :)

Sai Ganesh Nagpal said...

Thank you Sulakshana - so glad you enjoyed it! Wonderful to hear from you - it's been a while. :)