Friday, April 1, 2016

Be Gentle

While we often revel in the belief that we are all here to fulfill some great destiny, that each one of us is special and unique in some way, let us also remember that with greatness comes the responsibility to care. Let us learn to walk gently upon the earth. For such a destiny is hardly worthwhile if it leaves within its wake a trail of emptiness and betrayal. Let us learn to walk gently upon the earth, aware at every point that what we take from her is always far far greater than what we will ever be able to give back. Let us learn to walk gently upon the earth, ever inspired by what we can achieve in this life, but also deeply cognizant of how connected we are to the earth, and how fragile our existence is, here within these physical realms.

In the Sanskrit/Vedic texts, there is a line that asks for Mother Earth's forgiveness that we place our feet upon her and weigh her down, ~ "Paadasparsham Kshamasvame ||" ~ "forgive me, Mother, for placing my feet upon you." Such is the level of reverence the ancient ways demanded of us for the earth.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Master, when I touched
my forehead to
the ground in your temple,
a rose petal
brushed by my face
a gust of wind.
She whispered
to me of
her great joy
she had lain
upon your feet
for one precious moment
in all of time.
Wherever the wind now took
her she would go
keeping the memory
of that
moment alive.

If one moment with you
could give
her a lifetime of
how many lifetimes
of mine should now be
lived in joy
for you have held me
in your embrace
ever since
I know.

I couldn’t bring myself
to raise my head
from the ground
as gratitude
for your

© ~ Sai Ganesh Nagpal